This very high quality, sturdy, versatile and elegant hygienic toothbrush holder designed by a physician and made in the USA comes in four beautiful colors to match with your existing bathroom colors and to meet the demands of the most sophisticated decorators. It can be use by multiple family members at the same.

It is design to mount vertically on any sheet rock, concrete, wood or bricks bathroom wall, preferably near the bathroom sink. You can also mount it on any highly polish surface such as; ceramic tiles, stainless steel surfaces or even on your bathroom mirror, without having to drill any holes by using the accompanying, specially design  mirror mounting piece.

Please refer to the mounting instructions. It has two vertical compartments, a bottom shelf and enough toothbrushes slots to hygienically accommodate up to sixteen toothbrushes of any size.

The highly polished water repellent surfaces of the toothbrush holder prevent water retention and therefore bacterial growth. Each front slot has a corresponding receiving slot in the back with a large enough incline angle to prevent the toothbrushes from falling down to the floor.

The front grid special design keeps the toothbrushes in the center of their slot to prevent them from sliding sideways to touch each other, therefore avoiding cross contamination and in the back, the posterior slots are tapper to keep the toothbrushes in the center of the slot as well.

Also because of its versatility, you can use any one of its two vertical compartments to place the toothpaste or an electrical toothbrush. Another component of this versatile design is its bottom shelf which can be use to store a variety of items such as the dental floss. Finally the HTBH can be easily removed just by sliding it upwards.

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