Tooth Boxes


The benefit of using toothpaste is to apply a dose of fluoride to your teeth to help prevent decay and to give your mouth a fresh taste.  It is highly recommended that you use a paste or powder that has been approved by the ADA.  However, there are those people out there that do not […]


The purpose of having a bacteria free toothbrush is to reduce the number of germs entering the oral cavity thereby reducing the number of the infections and the illnesses that they cause. Let the toothbrush dry and the bacteria will die The Hygienic Tooth Brushing System by RDI requires the employment of our Hygienic Toothbrush […]


It is important to use a soft brush with round-ended bristles, brushing thoroughly at least once a day, but preferably after each meal or snack.  A gentle “jiggle” motion is used, going over just a couple of teeth at a time, moving gently to the next set of teeth.  Spending two to three minutes brushing […]

Medical Consequences

You can also mount it on your bathroom mirror without having to drill any holes by using the accompanying specially designed screw less mirror mounting piece. Hygienically speaking, the highly polished water repellent surfaces of the toothbrush holder were designed to prevent water retention to therefore prevent bacterial growth and accumulation. Each front slot has […]


To help prevent your teeth from decaying, fluoride has been found to help.  It has been added to water in some areas where it does not occur naturally.  It is also in many types of toothpaste and rinses.  Your dentist can prescribe stronger doses, as needed.  Many have the conception that fluoride is only for […]


This elegant hygienic toothbrush holder comes with two screws, two plastic anchors, the especially design-mounting piece and four premium quality toothbrushes. We recommended using toothbrushes with highly polish handle surfaces like those included to prevent water retention and bacterial growth on the handles. The oral and upper airway cavities are the most common ports of […]


“Are you flossing all of your teeth, or just the ones you want to keep?”  Cleaning between teeth should be done once a day, preferably after your last meal or before bedtime.  If you find that you aren’t accomplishing this task, find a time during the day that is more convenient, and stick to that […]

The Traditional Toothbrush Holder As A Source Of Infections

The traditional toothbrush holder by their very own design causes the toothbrush to sit in a wet and infected surface, further fostering the growth and accumulation of germs and bacteria on the toothbrush. Also the wet glass where the toothbrush is sometimes kept, the wet sink surface or other infected wet surfaces where the toothbrush […]

Cross Contamination Of Toothbrushes

The method allows for the first, out of a set of four toothbrushes, to fully dry up prior to its subsequent use, thus preventing the proliferation and the accumulation of the germs and bacteria that takes place when a single toothbrush is use. The presence of water is essential for living organisms to grow and […]

DENTAL TIPS promotes a partnership between you and your dental professionals to catch problems before they become major.  See the information below for tips on basic oral health.  If you are having a dental related problem, contact your dentist. This very high quality, sturdy, versatile and elegant hygienic toothbrush holder designed by a physician and made […]

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