Cross Contamination Of Toothbrushes

The method allows for the first, out of a set of four toothbrushes, to fully dry up prior to its subsequent use, thus preventing the proliferation and the accumulation of the germs and bacteria that takes place when a single toothbrush is use.

The presence of water is essential for living organisms to grow and multiply and germs are no exception. In the water held by the toothbrush bristles the bacteria are constantly growing, multiplying and accumulating, fueled by the food debris left behind. As time passes by the accumulation of the bacteria in the toothbrush keeps getting worse and worse.

A wet toothbrush can hve up to 10 million bacteria growing on it at any given time.  In other words, the toothbrush becomes a bacterial culture or shall we say; a soup of bacteria. That wet, bacteria laden, toothbrush becomes the single most important source of recurrent infections and other illnesses entering via the oral cavity.

We need to always have a bacteria free toothbrush available for teeth brushing in order to prevent the recurrences of oral, dental, pharyngeal, systemic and upper airway infections caused by the repeated use of an infected toothbrush. These repeated infections can be quite disabling, debilitating and even life threatening. As shown by current medical research they can even be the precipitating factor in getting a heart attack.

The traditional use of the toothbrushes as a source of infections

Traditionally most people have only one   toothbrush which they use repeatedly.   As a result, that toothbrush is   always wet.  The bacteria   and the   food particles transferred from the oral cavity during tooth brushing become entrapped in the wet bristles of that toothbrush.

These germs and bacteria thrive, grow, multiply and accumulate by the millions on that wet toothbrush environment feeding on the food particles left behind or trapped within the toothbrush bristles. Subsequent rinsing of the toothbrush prior to its next use will not remove the bacteria and germs that have proliferated and accumulated. That toothbrush has now become a bacterial culture, a source of infections and a threat to your health.

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