Financial consequences

Finally the Hygienic Toothbrush Holder can be easily removed from the wall just by sliding it upwards. For hygienic reasons we recommended using toothbrushes with highly polish surfaces to prevent water retention and bacterial growth and accumulation on the  toothbrush handles. This elegant hygienic toothbrush holder comes with two screws, two plastic anchors, the especially designed screw less mirror mounting piece and four medium premium quality toothbrushes. Hygienically speaking; there is nothing like it! Not even close!

The more infections you get the more money you spend in dental care, doctor visits and on medications. You also loose income from your missed days of work. It all adds up to the loss of a lot of money, capital and productivity during your life time not withstanding your well being.

Family use

Four persons; each having four toothbrushes; can have a separate row in our multiple toothbrush holder simultaneously while leaving an empty row in between them to prevent cross contamination.  They can also color code the toothbrushes. For example, each person can have a row of yellow, red, blue or violet toothbrushes. In that way each person will know which row of toothbrushes belongs to him or her?


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