By Carol Miguel / August 6, 2015

“Are you flossing all of your teeth, or just the ones you want to keep?”  Cleaning between teeth should be done once a day, preferably after your last meal or before bedtime.  If you find that you aren’t accomplishing this task, find a time during the day that is more convenient, and stick to that time schedule.  It isn’t the “ideal” but it is best to get in there every 24 hours than not at all.  Use whatever type of floss is easiest to get between the contacts.  Some may need waxed, unwaxed, ultra fine, etc.

At the start of the cycle all the toothbrushes will have their bristles facing in the same direction, such as, facing upwards or facing downwards.  The toothbrushes will be placed in a horizontal row (most recommended) or in a vertical row.  The toothbrushes will always   be   use   from right to left when using a horizontal row and from top to bottom if using a vertical row. Once the first toothbrush is used it will be placed back into its receptacle with its bristles facing in the opposite direction of the remaining toothbrushes, noting to the user to select the next toothbrush whose bristles are facing in the appropriate direction, the next time that he or she brushes their teeth.

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