Getting to Know the Different Cosmetic Dentistry Equipment

Getting to Know the Different Cosmetic Dentistry Equipment

People with great smiles get noticed first. This is the main reason why dentistry is a very prominent occupation, and bankable too! There are very many types of dentistry though, which you have to know when you are looking for a professional to work on your teeth. Among the best types is the cosmetic dentistry that can do wonders with your teeth! Own whiter, lined teeth in just a few visits to your dentist but be ready with the very many cosmetic dentistry equipments he/she will be using on you during the treatment.

Among those very many cosmetic dentistry equipments you will come to know during the treatment are as follows; although it doesn’t mean that all of these will be used on you:

• Chairside Equipment – those that are immediately on the dental chair
• Light Systems for Dental Bleaching – used for teeth bleaching
• Curing Lights – lights that help dental curing
• Dental Electrosurgery – used for dental surgery and bigger dental tasks
• Dental Handpieces – small pieces used by the dentist like mirror and pick
• Dental Lasers – lasers for curing teeth
• Dental Loupes – for curing teeth
• X-Ray Generators – for x-raying purposes
• Bite Sticks for Diagnosing – used to make a pattern of your teeth
• Air Abrasion (Intraoral) – for larger dental tasks
• Digital Cameras (Intraoral) – to take images of your teeth
• Suction and Retraction (Intraoral) – for dental surgery
• Dental Loupes Operator Lights – lighting system
• Ultrasonic Scalers – for dental surgery works
• Adjustable Articulators – for general dental tasks
• Hand pieces and Motors for Dental Laboratory – major equipments for dental curing
• Dental Lathes – to handle and hold all other dental equipments
• Model Trimmers – for generating dental models
• Pressure Pots – used for pressuring dental cures
• Dental Vibrators – vibrators necessary during the cosmetic dentistry tasks
• Disposable Articulators – like adjustable articulators, only disposable
• Dust Collectors – used to collect teeth dust
• Laser Welders – hand held laser welding machine for cosmetic dentistry purposes
• Articulators (Non-Adjustable) – articulators that are fixed, non-disposable
• Operatory Set-up (Dental) – standard setup of an operation clinic of a cosmetic dentist
• Assistant Chair – for the assistant
• Assistant Stool – circular chair for the assistant
• Dental Chairs – highly necessary like the handpieces in any type of dentistry
• Operatory LCD Monitors – for monitoring of the surgery purposes
• LCD Mounts – holds the dental operatory LCD monitor
• Dental Operatory Light Systems – normal dental operatory lighting system in a cosmetic dentistry clinic
• PC Systems – used to keep track of records and information of the procedures
• Dentist Chairs – chair for the dentist
• Dentist Stools – circular chair for the dentist
• Signature Pads (Electronic) – modern signature pads issued by the dentist
• AEDs or Automated External Defibrillators – modern equipment for defibrillating externally
• Dental Compressors – compressors specifically for dental uses
• Dental Sterilizers – used to sterilize equipment used on you during the cosmetic dentistry operation
• Dental Autoclaves – autoclaves specifically for dental uses
• Maintenance Systems (Handpiece) – important for cleaning all handpieces that are normally used by the dentist all through out the inspection and during the treatment proper

This list hopes to help you get idea on what is being used and its function on the cosmetic dentistry that you are going under. So the time you are exposed to it, you will not be scared or stunned with it. But at any time, you can always ask your dentist regarding these equipments for further information and details.

Getting to Know the Different Cosmetic Dentistry Equipment
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