Medical Consequences

You can also mount it on your bathroom mirror without having to drill any holes by using the accompanying specially designed screw less mirror mounting piece.

Hygienically speaking, the highly polished water repellent surfaces of the toothbrush holder were designed to prevent water retention to therefore prevent bacterial growth and accumulation. Each front slot has a corresponding receiving slot in the back with a large enough incline angle to prevent the toothbrushes from falling down to the floor.

The   consequence of using an infected   bacteria laden toothbrush is an increase in the number and frequency of oral, dental, pharyngeal, bronchial, gastro  intestinal  and even systemic  infections. Some of these infections could be acute or chronic. Some infections like the flu or the pneumonia’s could be or become life threatening.

Even heart attacks may be precipitated by the presence of these infections.  Treating   these   illnesses   and infections could be medically quite challenging if not impossible if the individual continues to use the same wet, bacteria laden and infected toothbrush over and over. Recurrent strep throat is just one example of repeated infections.

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