Speeding up the drying process

The front grid slots special design keeps the toothbrushes in the center of their slot to prevent them from sliding sideways. These prevent the toothbrushes from touching each other, therefore avoiding cross contamination. In the back, the posterior slots are tapper to keep the toothbrushes in the center of their slot as well.

Its versatility allows the user to use one of the vertical compartments for a tooth paste or an electrical toothbrush and the other one for the toothbrushes. Another component of this versatile design is its bottom shelf which can be used to store a variety of small items such as your dental floss, your lip stick, your liner; etc.

First you must rinse the toothbrush with clean hot water to remove the food particles and other loose matter trapped within the bristles of the toothbrush and then with You should never touch, try to clean or remove the excess water from the toothbrush bristles by using your fingers.

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