By Carol Miguel / December 23, 2015

The benefit of using toothpaste is to apply a dose of fluoride to your teeth to help prevent decay and to give your mouth a fresh taste.  It is highly recommended that you use a paste or powder that has been approved by the ADA.  However, there are those people out there that do not like the taste, feel, or texture of using toothpaste.  For those people it is ok to “dry brush”.

Toothbrush drying cycle

The Hygienic Tooth Brushing System by RDI allows for the germs and bacteria contained within the toothbrush bristles to be killed by the simple process of drying. This process requires that you let your toothbrush dry for at least two to three days before using it again. In a two day cycle, assuming that the user brushes his or her teeth twice a day a total of four toothbrushes will be needed. In a three days cycle a total of six toothbrushes will be needed.

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